MEETING. “Orchard + design: salad of the house”.

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MEETING. “Orchard + design: salad of the house”.

HUERTA + DESIGN: ENSALADA DE LA CASA is the starter of Miradors de l’Horta 2022. A colloquium with the professionals who this year “plant” artistic and ephemeral installations in the heart of the Valencian orchard within the festival Miradors de l’Horta. They will explain their creative process from the perspective of innovation and sustainability, which are two of the backbones of this unique design event. The 2022 edition addresses the future of food.


– Mauro Gimeno of Gimeno Gràfic.

– Fernando Abellanas of Lebrel

– Pablo Bolinches of Resto

– Javier Molinero of Badallar Estudio

– Carlos Pastor of La Cuarta Piel

– Héctor Serrano of Borealis

– UPV School of Architecture students

– Elsa Yranzo of Food Design