World Design Capital Valencia 2022 Forum @ Hábitat Valencia fair

Av. de les Fires, s/n, 46035 València, Valencia, España
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World Design Capital Valencia 2022 Forum @ Hábitat Valencia fair

Av. de les Fires, s/n, 46035 València, Valencia, España

The agenda of Feria Hábitat València includes a programme of conferences and seminars on design. This year, under the name ‘World Design Capital Valencia 2022’ Forum, round tables will address the future of design, digitalisation, industry 4.0, the home of the future or the irruption of big data in design, among many other aspects. All of this is led by prestigious professionals such as Mónica Armani, Tomás Alía and Juan Carlos Baumgartner.


Tuesday, September 20th

  • 13:00 h. Presentation World Design Capital Valencia 2022
  • 15:00 h. Conference ‘Keys to succeed in Middle East Markets‘. Four of the most relevant studios and consultancies in Middle East share with Spanish companies the keys to penetrate and consolidate in one of the most interesting and competitive markets in the world.

Invited studios: Swiss Bureau Interior Design & Build, Roya International, Sky Design Me and JW Turner Contracting.
Moderator: Mario Mariner

  • 16:00 h. Conference ‘Atlas of Design Culture in Spain’.

Marisa Santamaría (Researcher, teacher and disseminator of global trends in design and architecture)

  • 17:00 h. Presentation of the exhibition ‘Vicent Martínez, a continuous present. The memory, the recent and the unpublished‘. Afterwards, guided tour of the exhibition.

Vicent Martínez (Designer. National Design Award in 1997 with the company Punt Mobles).

Wednesday, September 21st

  • 11:00 h. Andreu World Round Table to present the book ‘Trabajar bien sentado. Good design is good business’.
  • 12:00 h. International Round Table ‘New trends linked between ceramics and design’.  Analysis from the European to the global level, between Nordic and Mediterranean culture.

Irene Biolchini (Italy), curator of the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza, Italy.
Josephine Akvama (Denmark), designer and ceramist of surfaces. Founder of ‘File under Pop’ Creative laboratory of contemporary ceramics. She produces part of her work in Valencia.
Anna Illueca (Spain) ceramic artisan and teacher, founder of ADN Cerámico, collaborator of Hermés, 40 awards in creativity.
Moderator: Xavi Calvo (World Design Capital Valencia 2022)

  • 13:00 h. Colloquium on design and hospitality: “Contract design capable of transmitting emotions” Organized by: Actiu
  • 16:00 h. Conference ‘Time and design’ Organized by: Actiu

Mariví Calvo (LZF)
Lola Rúa (Architect and multidisciplinary designer specialized in high-end retail interiors)

  • 17:00 h. Conference ‘Design in Molecules‘.

Mónica Armani (Designer, architect and interior designer)

Thursday, September 22nd

  • 10:00 h. Presentation Zumex & Lowpoly. Project to explore the design and manufacture in 3D printing of products from the reuse of orange peel waste.

José González, Chief Innovation Officer of ZUMEX®.
Gianluca Pugliese, CEO & Founder of LOWPOLY.


  • 11:00 h. Presentation of the results of the report ‘The New Habitat 23/24‘.

Pepa Casado (Trends researcher. Future-A).

  • 12:00 h. Conference ‘Women in Office Design’. Hybrid work and life models
    Moderator: Soledat Berbegall (Actiu)
  • 13:00 h. Conference ‘Office as a tribe, a more human version of public space’.

Juan Carlos Baumgartner (Director SPACE, international architecture firm based in Chicago)

  • 16:00 h. Conference ‘Innodesign. Beyond design’.

Mara Pardo (Interior designer)
Miguel Lozano (Interior designer specialized in the design of commercial spaces)
Ramón Prous (Sustainability Consultant, Social Responsibility and Agenda 2030 and ODS in Retail)
Mar Vera (Interior designer and artadvisor)

  • 17:00 h. Day ‘Trends in home textiles’.

Friday, September 23rd

  • 10:00 h. Presentation ‘Habitat Trends Notebook 22/23: sustainability, health and digitalization as drivers of change in the habitat’.

Cristina Revert (Technological Institute AIDIMME)
Lutzía Ortiz (Product Design Unit at ITC)
Malen Segarra, (Industrial and textile designer. OTH representative in AITEX)

  • 11:00 h. Presentation ‘Digital Platform ODS’.

Technological Institute AIDIMME

  • 12:00 h. Conference ‘Data-driven design’.

Alberto Torres (Portobello Street)

  • 13:00 h. Conference ‘Digital growth in the sector. From the physical to the digital channel’.

Rubén Manceras (Product Hackers)

September 20th to 23rd

  • 9:30 – 19:00 h. Exhibition ”Vicent Martínez, a continuous present. The memory, the recent and the unpublished’.
  • 9:30 – 19:00 h. Salon nude, Young Talents in Design Salon